The House of the Maker

by lunacybot

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'The House of the Maker' began as an exercise in space and depth. This got a bit boring after a while, so instead I created the piece inspired by the titular House of the Maker from Joe Abercrombie's 'First Law' series of books.

The author describes the structure like so: 'There was no softness, no indulgence in that mountain of naked stone. There was a brutal honesty in its shape. A merciless precision in its sharp, black angles'.

I wanted to compose a large scale piece, which mirrored the precision of the House. I created it, and then used several expansive automated reverbs in order to blur those edges, and create a sense of wonder/epicness/depth, whatever you want to call it. The genesis of the work's structure came from a live Ableton ambient improvisation.

It is divided into three sections, each blending in to the next in a dreamlike fashion. This mimics the characters' trip through the House in the novel - a vast impossible place where time means next to nothing, and what feels like an hour could be a month. As you journey through the enormous structure, various snippets of sound objects and events come into being and disappear.

Each section has a distinct textural feel. Section 1 is more traditionally dark-ambient. The clock's tick acts as a foundation upon which giant swathes of atmospheric sounds, unheard melodies and gentle meta-music writhe and wriggle, all jostling for attention and fighting for the ear. Section 2 focuses on muted piano melodies, each at a different time and point in the space. Finally, section three elaborates on the choral bits from the previous section, before a minor key melody stretches out to the work's conclusion.

AND it's free, so go nuts. Download it, enjoy it, ignore it, do whatever makes you feel good. Within reason. Thanks for listening.

Pt.1 - 0:00 - 6:45
Pt.2 - 6:45 - 11:20
Pt.3 - 11:20 - 18:53


released June 5, 2014

Joe Abercrombie for the inspiration.



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