To Witness the End

by Lunacybot

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Conceived, recorded, mixed and mastered over the 21st and 22nd of February 2015 by Lunacybot in his makeshift home studio in Munich.

5 ambient tracks originally based around drones made from various noises recorded and instruments plucked. Each incorporates a field recording of some description (albeit in hugely manipulated form) with some connection (thematic or otherwise) to the appropriate track title. Some obvious, some not so obvious.

Each piece is designed to function as both acousmatic ambient electronica (from speakers) and as a more involved, headphone-based experience. Steve Reich's concept of metamusic was forefront in my mind during the work's composition - "the unintended acoustic details that arise (or are perceived) as a side-effect of a strictly carried out process".

For these purposes, my processes were less than rigid - more so the artifacts and unintended frequential minutae that occur when different sounds are placed side by side, or different chains of effects are automated. I am endlessly fascinated by the tiny particles and melodies that can occur as a byproduct (a happy accident, of sorts) of the recording process. I have endeavoured to pack these pieces with such accidents, and so they lend quite well to a more in depth, mindful headphone-listening.

I hope you enjoy them. More on the way soon. Feel free to share.


released February 23, 2015

I would like to thank Schneider Weisse for its help in the album's genesis. Also big thank you to Deaf Joe, whose recent work has greatly influenced the overall aesthetic shape of this album. Cheers!



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